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28 Mar 2019

How Cloint is helpful in building team connections

How Cloint is helpful in building team connections

Cloint has emerged as a revolution to manage tasks in an organization. With this support system being an easily manageable ticketing system, it has the capability to manage team connections and communication in the most effective and easy way possible

In an organization where communication, transparency and task management are primal for it’s functioning, our software provides varied functionalities of a helpdesk software to run the organization.

1. Easily Manageable Ticketing System

Cloint has many different functionalities – from tickets assignment to tasks, from announcements to special requests including leave applications, all in one place.

With this system, the difficulty to manage an organization has been reduced. It acts as a support ticketing system to manage tasks and is really helpful as a time tracking system.

With our helpdesk system, every piece of information and communication is digitized thus enhancing the credibility and authenticity of the information received by the employees.

With Cloint, the working speed of the team as a whole increase due to the availability of all tasks and tickets in one place.

2. Recorded Data

2. Recorded Data

With the use of this system, the data is recorded and everything is kept inline to view so as to prioritize the workload accordingly.

Data, tasks or tickets are kept in the system in the form of recorded data.
The information can be fetched according to the date and the time thus reliability of the data is achieved.

3. Long term storage

With Cloint data can be stored for a long time. Thus our product gives a long term data storage facility. Our software is highly beneficial for storing, managing and fetching data as and when required.

Our product is beneficial for a smooth and streamlined business process flow.

The Helpdesk support system has been an advanced software designed for data processing, it acts as a project management tool wherein data can be sent, tracked, retrieved or stored for future to act upon.

4. No memorizing needed only assigning needed

4. No memorizing needed only assigning needed

With Cloint acting as a project management tool, the need of emails or memorizing the tasks can be completely eliminated as all the data can be framed in form of tickets and can be sent to the concerned person.

Tickets once assigned can be managed, can be stored and can be acted upon as the priority level assigned. It has the capability of assigning priority to the work given as low or high so that a clear idea can be fetched from the ticket itself about the ongoing work and the assigned tasks.

5. No miscommunication or conflicts possible

With the helpdesk support ticketing system the probability of miscommunication and conflicts can be completely eliminated as all the data, tasks, tickets are stored on a long term basis.

Any miscommunication or conflicts cannot happen as the detailed description of tickets and tasks assigned are kept as a record.

The system has many new features and leave or special requests can be processed directly through our software.

Team coloration or task management or Business processes – our system has an edge over any sphere of an organization and its working.

Cloint is an easily manageable ticketing system with features beneficial for organizational growth. The helpdesk support system even acts as a reminder system for various assigned tasks, tickets and announcements.

With our system, transparency in the work environment can be achieved. Moreover, the tickets assigned cannot be deleted thus again it helps in the credibility of the work assigned from the assigner to the assignee.

Cloint is one of the most effective ticketing system software developed to function in any level of organization. Thus our system is really effective in increasing the productivity of the organization as a whole.

The software designed is a helpdesk system designed to help the employees with their tasks in the organization. Our designed system has the long term storage capability that guarantees the work assignment and is really useful in the long run as a record maintained.

Our software acts as a supporting system for managing tasks and workload. The system has all features of managing an organization with a defined process and it even helps to track the performance of the employees within the assigned deadline.

The ticketing system thus is mandatory for the successful growth of an organization as it manages work and the workload on good terms.

Our system will sweep the market in the coming years with more and more people demanding its presence and with more and more organizations working towards an increase in productivity and managing more employees efficiently.

It is far effective as compared to other tools due to its high management capability. Cloint is the new future.

19 Mar 2019

How assigning tickets can be helpful in the long run

How assigning tickets can be helpful in the long run

Cloint is a ticketing system which acts as a helpdesk support system for its users and has many added benefits. Assigning tickets is really helpful in the long run due to the humungous benefits the ticketing system provides.

With the developing era, traditional mailing system is becoming obsolete and out of date as it becomes more and more complicated to mail every person for every small detail or task.

With Cloint acting as a tracking and helpdesk support ticketing system, it has been easy to keep a record of the conversations in the form of tickets and their associated comments.

Moreover, the status of the assigned tickets can even be tracked as and when needed. Task tracking software has emerged as a powerful tool of communication within organizations and Cloint handles this purpose quite extraordinarily.

Some of the key features of the system include:

1. Never be deleted system

Cloint stores its tickets in the form of communication records for a lifetime. With this software the tasks or tickets assigned cannot be deleted, this ensures a high level of transparency.

In this system, the tickets assigned are stored on a long term storage basis wherein these tickets cannot be removed by either of the parties involved in the communication.

The software is highly advanced as compared to any other ticketing or helpdesk system software. Cloint claims to unleash the power of productivity by enabling the employees to focus on the task assigned to them through the tickets rather than viewing their emails again and again.

2. Status visibility of tasks or tickets assigned

Cloint’s status visibility of the assigned tickets lies as an added advantage of the help desk support system. Tickets assigned can have one of the various ‘statuses’ and these ‘statuses’ include keeping the ticket on hold with the ‘hold’ option, updating the status of the tickets to ‘In progress’, ‘Completed’ or ‘block’ status if the ticket assigned no longer needs to be acted upon.

Apart from this, comments can be attached to the tickets along with file or image attachment. These tickets assigned are visible for any upgradation or changes and can even be modified depending upon the progress of the assigned work or task.

3. Reminder tickets in the form of Active and Passive tickets.

With Cloint as your task tracking software, conversations can be tracked regarding the progress of the work assigned. It comes with an added advantage of viewing tickets in the form of Active or Passive tickets.

After opening the software, a board is displayed showing the Active and Completed tickets. Thus it acts as a reminder for the user by generating the number of tickets assigned, the number of tickets completed and the number of tickets active.

4. Records of leave or special requests

Our designed system has a unique advantage of leave or special requests that can be directly conveyed through the system itself.

Cloint has a facility to directly report any special requests to the concerned person and this request can be approved as and when desired. Thus, with Cloint the need for special emails or leave mails is not necessary and instead, a request in the software can be generated and be processed likewise.

The system has a humongous advantage with respect to the different domains of an organization. These records are stored for reference. Thus avoiding any chances of miscommunication or conflict in the future.

Cloint is a ticketing system that acts as an all in one system wherein different requests from different domains can be filed and be pulled out for later use/reference.

Cloint is an all in one helpdesk support system designed for solving various queries and processing various requests all at one place.

The system devised is a highly effective tool for managing organizations and maintaining a high level of integrity and transparency amongst employees.

Cloint is a ticketing or helpdesk support system that will prove to be highly beneficial from all aspects of an organization. Its task management, record tracking and ticketing services are well versed to act efficiently in any organization.

27 Feb 2019

7 Reasons why CLOINT Ticketing System is better than E-MAILS

7 Reasons why CLOINT ticketing system is better than E-MAILS

Do you get angry with those bulk emails filling up your inbox and junking your mind with stress? What if network issues pop up and delayed emails ultimately lead to wastage of your time? Well, the CLOINT Ticketing System has now come to your rescue!

What is CLOINT and how is it beneficial?

Cloint is an IT Ticketing system or ticketing software with many varied functions from assigning to tracking tickets to transfers and announcements. It acts as a helpdesk system for the smooth functioning of an Organization.

What is Ticketing System?

Well, with the loading time of the Emails and the probability of emails going to the spam system. CLOINT is gaining a large share of the market. It is a system wherein tickets are assigned for work to the desired person in charge of a particular department. These tickets can reach from person to person, hassle-free, for assigning tasks.

Here in this article, we will see 7 features why Cloint Ticketing System is better than E-mails.

Customer relationship metrics

1. CLOINT Provides Transparency of work within an Organization

Cloint is a ticketing software for task management and it promotes transparency as the communication between any 2 parties is stored securely and can be viewed by the ADMIN but deleted by none – neither the parties engaged nor the admin.

2. Notifications and Announcements

Gone are the days when endless email ID’s have to be manually attached in the BCC row. With CLOINT, a single announcement from the ADMIN can reach all the people working in the organization as a notification. Stress-free and smooth functioning isn’t it?

3. Requests

Requesting a task in E-mail is a strenuous task. With CLOINT, requests for leave or any other special requests can be directly sent to the concerned person and you are set free for the day.

4. To-Do List and Calendar

Cloint has an additional capability to maintain a calendar or a to-do list for self-reference. It helps in better time management and scheduling work based on priorities.

5. Status of Tickets or Tasks

Cloint, unlike Email, cannot only assign or manage tasks but it can also track the status of the assigned tickets whether they are pending, In-Progress or completed. Cloint is in itself a bot tracking the present status of Tasks and Tickets.

6. Ticket Assignments Increases Productivity

Cloint is a ticketing system wherein tickets or tasks are assigned to the person in charge of an organization. The need for emailing no longer exists and a simple ticket once assigned is handled by cloint, therefore, increasing productivity.

7. Email Independent

Cloint is not like the traditional way of emailing, it is not dependent upon the number of Email ID’s you have. With Cloint, you just have to search the person whom you want to assign the work and Hurray you don’t need to remember those difficult Email ID’s, Designations, Departments or any other information.

CLOINT can make life easier, simpler and stressfree. Why not just relax and leave everything to your own “CLOINT”.

22 Feb 2019

Top Customer Service Metrics that actually matter

Top Customer Service Metrics that actually matter

A happy customer is key to the success of any business. As per statistics, it is found that 70% of Americans prefer companies that provide excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Customer service metrics (CSM) help us track how well we perform in our primary customer service mission—achieving and maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Basically, there is no one particular metric to rule them all. It is essential to track multiple CSM to get a clear view of your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

No two companies are alike, hence imitating someone else’s metrics is a dangerous and slippery approach. Here are the Top Customer service metrics that actually matter:

1. Customer relationship metrics

Since our primary goal is customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to healthy customer relationships, we should start with the customer service metrics used to measure customer satisfaction.

But what makes customers satisfied and happy? It actually is an easy question. They don’t want anything to ever go wrong!

And if something does go wrong, or if they need help with how to use the products/services, they don’t want asking for help to be a time-consuming process.

Customer relationship metrics

A. Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

You should measure customer satisfaction for each customer interaction. This can be done using the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT), a short survey sent to the customer after solving their issue(s).

After gathering Customer satisfaction (CSAT) ratings, you utilize this data and use it as a metric that gives a better insight. For example, you can track the following aspects:

  • A customer’s CSAT rating over time
  • CSAT ratings, by customer types
  • CSAT ratings, by channel
  • CSAT ratings, by product/service
  • Average CSAT ratings for agents/teams

Tracking CSAT helps you track trends that may be affecting customer satisfaction. Satisfaction ratings are averaged to give each agent an overall CSAT score.

B. Net Promoter Score (NPS)

To obtain a better customer relationship analysis, beyond single support interactions, we use the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS survey helps us understand if the customer is likely to return, stay loyal, and promote our brand to others.

Unlike CSAT and CES, it is a long-term measurement of the customer’s experience with your company. The NPS asks how likely the customer is to recommend our business to someone else.

Based on the scale of 0–10, customers are divided into three main groups:

  • Detractors (0–6) – they are unlikely to stay loyal and often share their dissatisfaction publicly via social media and through bad reviews.
  • Passives (7–8) – they may be perfectly satisfied but are not likely to go and share good reviews with anyone else.
  • Promoters (9–10) – your happiest customers – are most likely to share their positive experience with others and help you build your business.

C. Social media metrics

You have to analyze both positive and negative social media mentions to understand what is being portrayed about you publicly. This includes your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, along with your product review sites.

Using social media monitoring tools, you can easily collect and analyze the reviews and feedbacks. Use this feedback to determine the following:

  • How many technical or account-specific questions were raised?
  • How many feedback providing comments were raised?
  • How many questions are perfectly answered by the links already provided?
  • When your customers are highly active on social media?
  • How many comments seem to be written in moments of frustration, possibly after a poor customer experience – in person or online?

D. Customer Effort Score (CES)

Some customer service industry experts believe that asking customers about the effort they put into resolving their issue may be a better metric of customer loyalty than CSAT.

Whether you use CES or CSAT, the goal is clear: Focus on customer effort reduction to improve the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction, as a result.

Agent and team performance and efficiency metrics

2. Agent and team performance and efficiency metrics

Both, individual agent and team performance metrics are vital for ensuring perfect customer service experience. Solving customer issues quickly and effectively is the goal.

In this section, we look at these customer service metrics:

A. Number of tickets solved

A ‘daily ticket solving’ targets are set for agents by many customer service teams to ensure a smooth running system. Based on the target achievement ratio, the performance of agents and teams can be tracked.

Comparing the number of tickets solved is another way to improve the efficiency of an organization.

This is even helpful to mark the overall team performance.

B. Reply time metrics

A quick reply to the customers has a significant effect on customer satisfaction. Hence, it is important to focus on this particular customer service metrics – reply time metrics.

  • First-reply time (FRT) is the amount of time from the moment the ticket is created to the moment an agent makes the first reply to the customer. FRT should be as low as possible.
  • Average reply time is the average amount of time taken by all replies to the customer while solving a support request. It defines the average time taken to answer the customer’s queries – it should be as low as possible.
  • The number of replies is defined as the number of times a customer receives a reply from an organization and it helps retain customer relations. It should be as low as possible since the agent should be able to clear all of the customer’s doubts in a single reply (most of the time).

C. Ticket reopening

A ticket can be reopened by changing the status of the ticket from solved to open. How often solved tickets are reopened may indicate that agents are not able to fully solve the customer’s support issues. Hence, it is best to routinely monitor your team’s ticket reopening ratio.

Ticket reopen reports should include:

  • Total number of reopens
  • Average number of reopens
  • The percentage of tickets with reopens

Ticket reopens are more likely to occur while dealing with more complex support issues – therefore, reopens may be higher for escalated tickets.

D. Ticket backlog metrics

Ticket backlog represents the total number of unsolved tickets. This customer service metrics are important to follow because it provides insight into the incoming ticket volume and how well the team/agent keeps up with the available resources.

As we know, speed is important, but not at the expense of quality. Sometimes support issues take longer to fully solve than the time expected by the customer or the performance targets set for the agent/team.

The longer it takes to solve a customer’s issue, it becomes more likely that customer satisfaction will suffer.

In this section, let us have a look at some through which you can monitor your ticket backlog.

  • Your current backlog:

Backlog consists of both unassigned and assigned tickets that have not yet been solved. The two combined equals your total ticket backlog.

It is a good idea to cross-reference backlog volume with ticket age and first-reply time. A large backlog compilation is not a bad thing if an organization is capable of providing a high output efficiency to its clients.

  • Historical Backlog:

Looking at the historical backlog along with the current backlog helps you to spot trends in ticket volume and team performance.

04 Feb 2019

How Cloint will help you improve your work environment

How Cloint will help you improve your work environment

Work Environment of an organization determines the success of that organization and hence it is necessary that one promotes a healthy work environment that allows all the employees to stay stress-free and feel motivated.

Assigning tasks and monitoring the tasks is time-consuming and can also create interdepartmental issues if not conducted correctly. Cloint is here to solve all the Task Assignment, Task Tracking and Task Monitoring problems.

Cloint is the best way to create an automated structure for the working of your organization. Given below are a few points on how Cloint helps you improve your work environment:

1. Increased Productivity

Cloint’s motto is: “Power of Productivity”. With the help of Cloint, you will save up on end number of resources and enable a significant boost in the productivity of your team.

Cloint is a perfect combination of Task Management Software, Task Tracking Software and Ticketing System that enables you to improve the way your organization functions. It handles all the interactions within your organization, inside one singular application.

With the help of Cloint, the transparency and connectivity it provides, the employees can function better and that in turn results in better results.

2. Better Work Scheduling

When all the tasks are well notified along with proper deadlines, it is much easier for the employees to create their plan of work accordingly.

Cloint is a Task Management Software and Task Tracking Software that allows the employer or administrator to monitor the work flow along with giving the employees a chance to organize their work schedule properly.

Cloint tasks and tickets have a predefined deadline, status and priority attached to it – this is the secret behind an efficient and flawless Work Schedule.

3. Better Time Management

Time management is an aspect handled exceptionally by Cloint – It is a Task Management App that takes into account all the reasons that lead to waste of time in the working of any organization and eliminates those loopholes.

The task assignment, task monitoring and task management processes are taken care by Cloint in a direct manner without circular communication. Recurring tasks, in particular, are handled in a special manner and that leads to a lot of saved time.

All the time that Cloint saves for the organization, can be used efficiently for other productive activities.

Reduced Work Stress

4. Reduced Work Stress

The stress involved in working for an organization that does not have a proper channel of communication or a lucid task assignment and task reporting channel can result in highly frustrated work life for almost all the employees.

Cloint handles all the issues mentioned above effectively and allows the employees to work with a stress-free attitude, allowing them to perform better.

5. Healthy Communication

The added comments section below all the tasks and tickets in itself is the key to clear communication regarding any task assigned to the employees.

All the data that enters Cloint is stored securely, even the Admin cannot remove this data – this instills a sense of transparency which is a necessity in any successful organization.

Instead of depending on the chaotic series of emails for communicating inside the work-place, Cloint provides a generalized platform where all the employees can stay connected and communicate directly.

As a whole, Cloint is an efficient tool to create a healthy work environment that all employees love!

21 Jan 2019

What makes Cloint a unique task management system?

What makes Cloint a unique Task Management System

Cloint is a unique blend of Task Management Software, Task Tracking Software and Ticketing System. It efficiently handles the Organization’s task management and workflow management.

It not only handles the task management processes, it is a platform for inter-organizational communication and completely eliminates the need for redundant and tiresome emails!

Cloint’s motto is to harness the “Power of Productivity”. Cloint is here to help you save time and make your task management process streamlined.

1. Ticketing

Tickets in Cloint are like official ‘sticky – notes’ that tell an employee that some new work has been assigned to him/her.

Cloint can be termed as the best ticketing system since it not only assigns a ticket, but each ticket has a status attached to it. The entire life cycle of a ticket is dynamic and all manipulations made on a particular ticket are transparent.

Comments section of the tickets provides a proper channel of communication amongst employees. Everyone within Cloint can generate a ticket with a predefined priority

Cloint tickets are an effective solution for getting the basic day – to – day tasks completed in time.

Cloint 2. Task Assignment and Management

2. Task Assignment and Management

Cloint is a highly efficient Task Management System since it not only assigns tasks and deadlines, but it acts like a task tracking software that tracks the current status and shows the progress made so far.

Tasks are allotted by the ‘Administrator’, and these tasks are assigned along with a predefined priority and deadline.

3. Recurrent Task Assignment

Tasks that need to be repetitively performed within the organization can be classified as ‘Recurrent tasks’. Recurrent Task Assignment is one of the unique features of Cloint, and that makes it different from other task management apps.

All Recurrent tasks are predefined – they can be classified in daily, weekly, or monthly cycles and the system will auto-generate those tasks and assign them to the respective employees.

The Admin no longer has to worry about assigning these recurring tasks over and over again.

Cloint 4. Email Independent

4. Email Independent

We do not depend on Emails at all!

Cloint enables you to work without depending on emails for all your communication, and task management. Cloint is a task management software that gives you a complete track record of a particular ticket or task without having to go through several emails from different people.

Cloint makes the records of work look cleaner, easy to understand and track. This increases the efficiency of working and transparency of work processes within the organization.

5. To – Do List

All employees have their own ‘To – Do List’ that they maintain in order to keep a record of things they have to finish in a given time span.

Also, it acts like a calendar that sends the task on the Dashboard on the date assigned to it in the To – Do List.

The To – Do List acts like a personal assistant that reminds the employee about the pending task and is a place where the employees schedule their work.

Cloint 6. Hierarchy Formation

6. Hierarchy Formation

Inside Cloint, all employees follow a specific hierarchy. Every user is given rights and authorities as per his/her role and designation in the company.

Rights to modify are assigned accordingly, only a selective profiles are allowed to manipulate information on Cloint.

7. Notifications and Announcements

Cloint maintains a notification section with the complete list of notifications pertaining to the user, and that helps the user keep track of all the actions that he/she needs to take, all the tasks that he/she has to perform.

Announcements are made on Cloint, and all the employees receive these announcements – so, there is no need to send group emails and keep a track of whether everyone viewed the announcement or not.

Announcements can be scheduled beforehand, and will be displayed on the date specified. This makes it easy to finish off with all the well-known announcements that the Organization usually makes.

Cloint 8. Transparency

8. Transparency

Cloint is a Task Management System that is based on the concept of transparency. All the data generated regarding the tasks and tickets and any other communication that occurs over Cloint is stored securely and cannot be erased, not even by the Admin!

All the communication between employees, and the communication between the employees and the Admin, are stored securely and are visible to both the parties involved, at all times.

The observer for a ticket monitors the tasks performed on a particular ticket and all the comments are visible to all the employees involved with that ticket.

9. Request Management

Requests of all types including leave requests and special requests – that is a custom request made specifically by an employee – are handled over Cloint and all the related correspondence is followed within Cloint itself.

This saves a lot of time, and brings a well-defined protocol for request submission and request correspondence.

Cloint 10. Link between multiple branches

10. Link between multiple branches

Cloint not only handles a single branch or franchise of the Organization, it also supports inter – branch communication. An organization can have various branches/franchises across multiple locations, but Cloint connects them all together.

Employees from different branch locations can interact using Cloint and tasks can be allotted from one branch to another as well. This provides a common platform and a common Task Management System for the entire organization.

05 Dec 2018

8 Benefits of using online productivity tools for business

8 Benefits of Using Online Productivity Tools for Business

Does the organization is not giving you productive results? Are you facing loss in the business even after investing a huge amount in hiring the best persons and resources? If yes, then please wait and give a deep thought over it. Here, we are sharing a few tips through which the business can get benefits through multiple ways. With the effective use of online productivity tools such as internet marketing strategies, business process automation and other prolific widgets the quality of work, customer satisfaction, long-term sustainable results and employees happiness can be enriched to a very great extent.

Let’s discuss some of the fruitful benefits of accessing online productivity tools in an organization:

1. Collaboration:

With the ease of this tool the team can easily focus on the work that really matters and proves to be worthwhile for increasing productivity. Being a smart software it’s easy to merge the data from distinct sources. Through sharing updates on current projects the team members can get to know the progress on project. All the new notifications, projects and tasks can be easily catch-up. With the convenience of using the productive tool over web and app, it assists the team members to hassle-freely integrate the data by sharing options.

Security Using Online Productivity

2. Security:

With the enhanced feature of complete security protections the in-house data is never being leaked or shared with third-party. It should be totally safe in the internal systems. All the IT standards and guidelines for safety and security of database should be mandatory adhere. None of the data should be stored in the servers while accessing any task management software. Hence, the data shall never be stored or viewed by any unauthorized person.

3. Quick Actions:

With visual management feature all the important information is shown in an easy way to make it understand in a better way. The critical information is highlighted so that it can’t get unnoticed. It makes it easy for the manager to know on which project their team-members are working on. Adjacently, real-time status of any assignment can also be viewed in a quick glance. With the usage of project management software system only authorized person has the rights to fix the task deadlines, commenting option availability and assignment of other sub-tasks. It overall improves the efficiency and productivity of the entire system.

Ease of Reporting Using Online Productivity

4. Ease of Reporting:

While handling a large team and multiple tasks it is quite common to forget other activities that are on less priority. With the ease of productive software tool it becomes easy to check out the notifications and remember the things. It gives alertness and attentiveness among employees to complete the work on time. By adopting this method the employees will be engaged in result-oriented things.

5. Documents at One Place:

Regardless of the location if the team members are easily able to find the documents at one place, then it is the best productivity software tool. If any of the team members are working from a remote location, then it becomes too difficult to gather the documents and place it at one location. With the assistance of online productive software tool, all the documentation can be quickly access and necessary actions can be taken without any delay.

Tracking Progress Using Online Productivity

6. Tracking Progress:

Through analytical feature, the overall progress on project can be easily tracked. There is no need to use the email for internal communication among the team members. With continuous use of project tracking software, the common repetitive mistakes can be tracked. It assists in finding the problematic areas that create hurdles in completion of work.

7. Team Members Can be Anywhere:

The dependency of working with team members is strong when all of them are together. With the assistance of online productive software tool, all the teammates can put their best efforts on any project regardless of location. It means that while the employees are outside the office for a business trip, they are not entirely disconnected from the project.

Employees Happiness Using Online Productivity

8. Employees Happiness:

The productivity of an employee is directly related with its satisfaction level. If any worker is actively engaged, motivated and gives productive work, then it refers to the delight of using productive tools that ease the work process.

01 Nov 2018

Common project management mistakes to avoid

project management mistakes

Often, it is said to learn from the mistakes rather than repeating them. For the project manager, it is very much vital to learn the things in a quick-witted way. Even though while handling a big and complex project, the experienced and good project managers also commit mistakes. It results in crossing the estimated budget, longer time for project completion and poor project management planning. In this blog, we are going to share some common project management mistakes that can be easily avoided by keeping some precautions.

Here, we are sharing some of the common mistakes that business executives and managers have shared with us. All these mistakes are frequently made by project managers, but they should be highly avoided.

1. Lacking objective

The project usually fails because of lack of skills, not proper planning and cleared goals. For making the project turned into a success, long-term planning with a broad-minded ability is needed. Always think like of an entrepreneur before starting the project. For example, you can ask does the project is being completed enough to showcase it to clients? Will it prove beneficial to the client requirements? What extra functionality features can be added to make it look more worthwhile. If you are able to give the answers to all of these questions, then definitely you have a good project management planning. If the answer to any one of these questions is no, then it can be considered that there are too many loopholes which are yet to be tracked.

2. Setting unrealistic deadlines

By creating deadlines that are not achievable will put the employees in excessive pressure and creates stress for completing the work before deadline. It might lead to resignation letters of employees or staff members would take a wrong path to achieve unrealistic goals. In both the cases, the loss is of employer only. Thus, it is highly important to consider employees as team-members and ask them how much time did they will require to complete the project. After taking confirmation from team-members, make it sure the work in the right direction and have sufficient resources to complete the project with perfection.

3. Inexperience project manager

The project manager has multiple number of work to deal with. Right from developing plans, managing issues, tracking project status and dealing with stakeholders. A project manager responsibilities is to balance all these things. Therefore, a dynamic personality manager is needed that has experience in executing distinct projects. By giving the employees freedom for handling projects, they will be able to manage multiple things at the same time. Therefore, systematized project time management planning should be done by project manager.

4. Way of communication

Communication is one of the most essential things for running a project and making it progress towards completion. In all the projects there is a requirement for doing discussions, taking decisions, alterations and team structuring. By continuously updating the development and progress on project, all the team members will be able to work in full coordination and in an organized way.

5. Not anticipating risks and scopes creep in advance

Changes in the scope of project is very common. But if it is affecting the deadlines and budget then things must be seriously considered. All the blocked roads while heading towards the project must be identified in the starting phase of planning. With a proper planning for resolving the issues, all the things can be promptly processed up.

6. Doing everything yourself

It is very much necessary to distribute the work among team-members equally. Thinking like you alone can handle everything will put you in difficulty. By considering the ideas, suggestions and advice from colleagues, the work can be done with perfection and speedily. On another side, if you don’t like to involve the team-members in any project discussion, then it will be burdensome to make it done all alone.

7. Poor project initiation

Starting the project with the right resources, assets and planning is the most important footstep towards the project. In the very first meeting all the team person job roles, key milestones to achieve and deadlines must be clearly analyzed and discussed. The aim of doing the kickoff meeting should be to make sure that all the aspects regarding the project should be clear and understandable.

Mostly, all the project managers have a checklist of risks undertaken while doing any specified project. By doing proper project planning & management, the highly repeated project management issues can be resolved.

15 Oct 2018

How an automated system can assist in moving business ahead?

For making the work understandable to employees simplifying the complex work in redundant steps is called as automation. Through a step-by-step process the work process becomes easy to carry on a regular basis. With the ease of automated system all the pending and completed works are showcase over the dashboard. For every project progress you can converse with the team-members and other colleagues associated with the project. Some of the top-notch benefits of accessing an automated system in an organization are:

1. Streamline Communication

For getting things done in a simplified and streamline way automated software system. Through a centralized system making announcements, sharing information, viewing to-do list and exchanging messages can be an easy and trouble-free process. The burden of doing communication becomes very much easy through the online software system. Additionally, the chances of doing mistakes due to
communication also gets lessen up with multiple persons communication. The working process of managers gets easy and inter-communication process in the internal department becomes strong.

Minimizing Cost and Manual Errors

2. Minimizing Cost and Manual Errors

With the assistance of machines there is 100% accuracy in the work. All the human-made errors are almost diminished. It improves the efficiency of operation and makes the entire system streamlined. As the working efficiency will increase productivity will also enhanced. Therefore, by adopting automation system the labor requirements will definitely get reduced. It will definitely save the money as well as time. Adding it, all the vital information would be safeguard and protected through the automated system. The manual processing of work will get completely eliminated.

3. Clean Approval Hierarchy

Following hierarchy in very system is very much important. With the hierarchy system assigning tasks, reviewing them and tracking the progress of team members. By the introduction of automated system tracking multiple number of processes becomes a simple and straight-forward process. Hence, we can say
that through automation the overall efficiency, productivity and competency of an organization can be upraised.

Well-Defined Procedures

4. Well-Defined Procedures

Not only for measuring individual worker efficiency or performance, it is great tool for keeping a sharp eye on the entire project. It defines the processes and procedures followed in the organization. With the ease of it, the completion level of all the projects is being accurately specified. The efficiency of workers is highly increased with the automated software. The online software should have the features of seamless integration and fits according to team-members workflow. It streamlines the internal communication process and allows you to focus only on the work.

11 Oct 2018

What are the benefits of task management system?

By using task management system definitely the time, money and resources will get optimize growth. But
for increasing the productivity, efficiency and standing out the business extra efforts are quite imperative.
Therefore, it is vital to see the intact features of online software before buying it.

1.  Centralized Activity

All the current projects are well-integrated at one place. It removes the tedious task of managing multiple
accounts and passwords. The risk of losing vital and quite sensitive information is very less. With the
usage of Cloint application all the tasks done by the employees can be checked and reviewed easily.
Additonally the stress of monitoring the activities of individual worker is completely eliminated. With the
assistance of online task management tool i.e. Cloint the entire processing of work can be effectively and
efficiently done.

2. Anywhere and Anytime

The online task management system requires only an internet connection for getting updates on distinct
project. By simply logging into the system all the work done by colleagues can be viewed. It gives
flexibility to the manager and employees to coordinate with each other in an easy and hassle-free way.

3. Efficiency

For knowing the efficiency of individual worker it is a worthwhile project management software. Other
than it there are numerous benefits of it. Firstly, it gives you an approximate idea of project completion
date. You can easily tell the client the date for delivery of project. Secondly, at the time of appraisals,
reviews and meetings you don’t need to gather the data from different sources. It gives you a clear-cut
idea about the strengths and weakness of your team. At the next time of recruitment, it will assist you in
knowing the skills and qualifications that are necessary to look into the candidates for enlarging business.

4. Reliable and Secure

With the restricted access to the projects, all the information is shared with the authorized persons. It
prevents the crime of data hacking and criminal offense. Hence, all the information of project is shared
only with the persons working on it and the manager. With the aspects of security features in the Cloint
software the businesses can easily rely on it for communication purpose.

5. Team Collaboration

Creating a team and developing the spirit of working together among them is a very tough task for
Manager. All the team members have diversified mindset. Bringing the diverse mind attention towards a
single goal by online task management application is an easily approachable and accessible way.

By accessing all the features of our designed application the entire business can be streamlined and
automated. It will make a difference in the competency and assist in differentiating your business image
from other competitors.